Why is Jadon Sancho Falling?

The rise and fall of Jadon Sancho explained

Many people asking here why Sancho is falling. I'll explain in my view below:

- Most here play for cap app and not dividends.

- Sancho was a good hold for many because he kept rising, hence more cap app.

- It's impossible for a guy to keep rising so he levelled off in terms of the market.

- Now he has levelled off there is no further cap app. He is also not returning the dividends of other players who are a similar price. 

- No dividends and no further cap app means in investing terms he is a bad hold short term. So many probably feel its time to bank the cap app as only 1 person gets the current price. 

- Hence the sell off has started now.

This is why many of us keep saying dividends or dividend potential *should* drive the market.

*The above doesn't mean I think Sancho is a bad hold as I think his future dividend potential is good due to being young but starting week in week out for Dortmund (its not just a short period of time like CHO). He also has an inevitable move back to England in the next 12-24 months. Not to mention he is English so in that it's increased MB.

Pritpal Singh Purewal

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