What is Footstock?

Introduction to the New World of FOOTSTOCK. FOOTSTOCK is a new football gaming and gambling app.

Our mission is to make your life as a football fan even more exciting. You can think of FOOTSTOCK as being like a combination of Fantasy Premier League, FIFA Ultimate Team and Football Index, with a hint of old-fashioned Panini sticker books. In other words, it combines some of the things you probably already love about football – but now you can make money from them, too! You build your team, trade player cards for real money and use them for fantasy football tournaments on matchdays, all of which have attractive cash prizes. To top it all off, we have a built-in casino where you can gamble your cards and potentially win even more players.

Sounds fun, right? But what’s in it for us? We make money by selling the player packs. We use some of that money to pay for freeroll tournaments, rewards (when users complete certain actions) and for trading on the market (offering to buy back cards). The money remaining after all that goes to our company to cover costs, and whatever is left after that helps keep the FOOTSTOCK fridge stocked!

The player cards are ranked into five classes based on their overall performance score in our tournaments: Basic, Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The better a player performs, the rarer and more valuable his cards become. Prices are ultimately determined by the users’ willingness to pay for certain players. That, in turn, is determined by a variety of factors, including the cost of obtaining that player from the house. We will offer at least three kinds of player packs at the start: Bronze, Silver and Gold, initially costing £2.99, £9.99 and £49.99 respectively, with a corresponding percentage chance of including the better classes of player cards.

Once you’ve bought some cards, there are three ways you can make money on FOOTSTOCK:

1. In our tournaments:

We offer fantasy-football-style tournaments on all matchdays.

The rules are simple: you pick three of the players you currently own and pay a buy-in price into the pot. The FOOTSTOCK scoring system awards points for the actions of your players in real English Premier League games on a matchday. If your players score more points than anyone else – you win the pot.

Most tournaments have guaranteed prize pools, and there are several freeroll tournaments every week, including ‘Pro-level freerolls’ with £50 (or higher) prize pools. The three-a-side tournaments are just the simplest form we are going to offer at the start, with lots of exciting variations to come. We want to offer a very, very fun product.  

2. On the FOOTSTOCK market

This is football’s version of the FTSE index, where you get to trade player cards with other fans. The better a player performs in real-world Premier League games (according to our scoring system), the more money he makes you in tournaments. And the market knows – so, find the next Salah, Aguero or Kane early, get him in your collection – and watch his price go through the roof!

3. In the FOOTSTOCK Casino

Eventually, there will be loads of games here, but we’re opening this feature with STAT ROULETTE. It’s easy, fast and fun, and you can win great players in seconds. Just pick one of your player cards, and the bank randomly selects an opponent player card and a competition stat (e.g. goals). If your player has the better value (e.g. your player has scored 3 goals and the other guy only has 1), you win the opponent’s card. If the other guy wins, you lose your card.

So, you see, there is plenty of potential to make money on FOOTSTOCK. But, of course, it’s not all about that. FOOTSTOCK is designed to be great fun, too. We want you to feel the thrill when you open a player pack, the nostalgia of ‘got, got, NEED!’ when trading with other users, and the buzz when you roll the dice in the FOOTSTOCK Casino and watch your fantasy footy scores increasing via our live Opta data feed.

But even all that didn’t satisfy our generous spirit at FOOTSTOCK HQ. We will also give out rewards for users who complete certain challenges on FOOTSTOCK. Examples of challenges are: ‘Buy your first pack’, ‘Win your first Amateur tournament’, ‘Own all the players from the current England squad’, ‘Own all of last season’s goalscorers’, etc. And possible rewards are ‘Get one free spin in the FOOTSTOCK Casino, ‘Get a 100% deposit bonus up to £100’, ‘Get a free entry ticket to a Pro tournament (worth £50)’, ‘Get a legendary Alan Shearer 1995 card’, etc.

And what can you do with an Alan Shearer card? Well, we are also planning to run ‘virtual’ tournaments using historic cards of all your favourite players from years gone by. Wouldn’t it be great to recreate the original SAS? Once you’ve collected your Shearer and Sutton cards, our aim is for you to be able to put them to the test against your mate’s Cole and Yorke and finally settle some decades-long football debates once and for all! 

That’s why we are currently working on this concept, which we hope will be the perfect antidote to a summer with no World Cup or Euros.

By now you’re probably wondering how you can get involved. 

We are planning to launch very soon, but you can already back us via our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, and get some cool perks that are only available now in the process! Check out our crowdfunding page here:

There are three main benefits to getting involved right now:

1) You help the cause and become part of this revolutionary new product from the very start.

2) You are guaranteed to get a certain number of players from the best classes, e.g. if you buy a Gold pack now, you are guaranteed to get at least 1 Legendary player. After the launch, you get an average of 0.2 Legendary players in a Gold pack.  

3) You pay less than after the launch (even more so next season and next year when we plan to raise pack prices in two steps to further reward early backers).  

Footstock is a very new startup company, and might not be for everyone! Alternatively you can signup and try Football Index, Football Index is the world’s first Football Stock Exchange.

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