What is Football Trading? What is Football Index?

Football Trading with Football Index Explained

Football Trading allows you to trade the football markets a bit like you would the stock exchange, and the best platform to do this on is... Football Index

Football Index is an innovative platform that allows you the fans to trade the football stock market, this is great for anyone with a knowledge of the beautiful game to generate money!

This guide will explain everything you need to know to start investing and making money today on the Football Index

How does Football Index work?

Traders invest in football players in the hope their value will rise, there are many ways in which a players value can rise, for example by scoring goals, playing well, transfer rumours, and overall player performance on and off the pitch, your basically investing in the future of a player (A Football Future being the technical name for it) hoping the demand for that player will rise. 

The more futures you hold in one player the more risky the investment becomes, that’s why it’s recommended to split between a greater amount of players.


Players can earn traders dividends by topping the Football Index “Buzz charts” - the way to do this is  by being the most talked about in the media on any given day or by your player performing well on the pitch. 

Dividends are basically earnings from holding onto a player a bit like a reward.

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How long Can I hold onto a player for?

You are able to hold a player for Three years max, so when purchasing a player on the Football Index make sure you have taken this into account, and only invest if you feel they will unlock their true potential before the three years is up, for example at the time of writing this post IMO Mbappe would be a fantastic buy as he’s 21 years old and within the next three years I can see him flourishing. 

Football trading can sound a little daunting / complicated but it really isn’t, as long as you know you’re football you have a very good chance of making money, only a little knowledge on stocks, shares and trading etc is required the rest is how good your football knowledge is.

Where can I trade? 

You can trade on a desktop computer, and the app is available on IOS and Android devices. 

Media Buzz

The media buzz ranking system is based on 25 different UK media platforms they are as follows...

The FA, Talksport, UEFA, ESPN, BBC, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, Telegraph, Independent, FIFA, Daily Express, The Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, Football365, The Times,, Sky Sports, and the Huffington Post.

Performance buzz charts are also in place, these reward players for their on-field performances, with databprovided by Opta.

Dividends are paid out between midnight GMT and 1.30am.

Selling a player 

Selling a player is very simple, selling at the right time however is not, all you have to do is click on the sell button for the particular player your wanting to sell and then you will be presented with two options, instant sell, or go to market, if you instant sell the price is a lot lower then the buy price, if you have made enough money on the player to cover this then you will still be in profit the money inbetween is called the spread this is how Football Index Make their money, if you choose to list a player on the market they will sit there until someone comes along and purchases them, this is definitely the best way to sell a player if your not in a rush, and want to return as much money as possible, Football Index will only charge 2% on the sale. 

How long does it take? 

Sales are made on a first come, first served basis so the traders who clicked 'sell' earliest will be the ones who sell first at a given price.

Will my account be closed if I win to much? 

No! Football Index will never come close accounts based on profit or loss, the way in which FI make there money is in the spread, and also on the 2% commission when sending a player to market. 

Football Index Signup / Beginners 

New players can try the football stock market with a £500 risk-free offer for a week using this link.

You will also recieve helpful tips and advice from the website new blog posts etc and exclusive access to our WhatsApp group! This in its self is invaluable. 

Football Index Overview 

Am I too late to signup? Have I missed the boat? How big will Football Index become? Will I see a return? Should I invest my life savings... and so on these are all questions I get asked daily.

"It's much better than leaving your money in a bank account, where you get nothing at all. You might lose a few pounds on a player but you'll make money on the other players you have invested in. You can see a fantastic return."

"It's good to see your knowledge of the game and intuition come good.

The returns you can make are 20% to 30% upwards.

I can’t promote anything I don’t believe in , and I am in no way an affiliate marketer. I like a gamble and got talking to a friend who introduced me to this platform, I sign up invested around £500 purchased a few players who had been suggested to me by the group within the first week saw about a 10% return on investment so then further deposited a total of around £5000 (my life savings) and have never looked back! 

Football Index has so much growth potential it’s unreal, Founded in late 2015 by Adam cole the Index has grown rapidly over the last three years, 2018 saw the index hit 100,000 users! And as off today it’s belived to be a time around 450,000 users, thanks to affiliate marketing, television adverts, talk sport and various other promotional ventures. It will not be long before Football Index hits 1 Million customers especially with the plans to expand the index to Sweden 🇸🇪  & Canada 🇨🇦  

Football Index: Give it ago with upto £500 risk free trading

Who can Trade?

Traders must be over 18 and must pass identity checks by providing the following relevant documents. (At the moment all traders must be U.K. based)

Personal Identification - one photo ID from the following list:

- Driving licence (UK only)

- Passport

- National Identification card (UK only)

Address Verification - one of the following (non-electronic):

- Utility Bill 

- Tax Bill 

- Copy of Bank Statement 

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