Buying and Selling in the Summer Transfer Market

Football Index Summer Transfers

Summer Transfers

Buying and Selling in the Summer Transfer Market

The summer transfer window is a fantastic way to profit on the Football Index, likewise Football Trading does have an eliment of risk, and you can also as well as make money, lose money. If you know your Football, and enjoy the beautiful game you will more then likely make some wonga! But please remember to trade responsibly.

So the method of Trading we are looking at is simple... Buy the rumour, sell the fact. So in simple terms it means to purchase a player that you have heard an "educated rumor" about him moving to another club, and then sell just as it becomes a reality, speculation will lead to the players price moving in an upward direction, once the deal has happened expect the player to fall back to his share price before the rumor came about, so you must be quick when making a trade like this and be able to cover the spread price of the player when buying and selling, there may of corse be exceptions but this is the general rule.

If you want to make some money on the Football Index you must be committed and keeping up-to date hourly with any kind of Football News that could impact your trade, for example if a breaking piece of news comes in the market can react instantly if your not quick you might lose out on any profit you have made or vice versa, remember its only profit once its been banked!  

The Premier league Summer transfer window opens on the 16th of May and closes on the 8th of August. The EFL sides transfer window commences on the 6th May, as their season has now finished, and closes on the 31st of August. Make sure you follow reliable sources when searching for news, you will soon be able to grasp reliable sources whether they are sports journalists on Twitter, or major news outlets.


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