Football Trading Strategy for Football Index

Football Trading Strategy for Football index explained

Football Trading Strategy for Football Index Having a clearly defined strategy on Football Index is absolutely fundamental to your long term success.  All trading/gambling needs real tough discipline to be a success.  Creating strict parameters for yourself allows you to be objective and ruthless when operating in a market. Like with my main portfolio I am going to trade relatively conservatively.  Of course, if a clear opportunity to make a short-term gain arises I will take it.  However, in the main, I will be trading within these confines: 

  1.  The Engine Room: a backbone of PB friendly players who are the engine room of the portfolio, the present-day dividend gatherers.  This also hedges against riskier investments in youth or injured players and built up over time as players’ form and use in various systems becomes apparent.  
  2. NextGen: Alongside the PB backbone, will be investment in young stars who I think will be the future backbone of the portfolio maybe not winning dividends now but probably over the one, two or dare I say it, three year hold.  
  3. Undervalued: These will be purchases of players where I believe there is value based on price v performance and room for growth.
  4. Goalkeepers: I wanted to chuck a keeper in here as they are an interesting prospect on the Index.  If you pick the right ones they can reap excellent ROI very rapidly.

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