Football Index Tips

Football Index Tips to help you get the most out of the platform

Football Index Tips

Top tips for doing well with Football Trading on the platform known as football index

  • Use apps to help out keeping you up to date with scores etc, the apps I use are sky sports news, live score, fot mob, and twitter mainly to keep upto date with all the breaking news.

  • Use a spreadsheet this for me is essential if your serious about your trades! This is the best way to be able to track your growth over a long period of time and see what players are earning you the most with PB. 

  • Don’t panic sell when your player is on a downward trend, try and keep players and scratch the urge to quick sell and invest in someone else, especially as a newbie this is the biggest piece of advice I can give, remember it is a marathon not a sprint!

  • Invest in players who earn money in the form of dividends, these are what makes a player valuable as they are regular cash payments that you can withdraw or reinvest into the market and they can add up very quickly. Remember you can only hold onto a player for three years max! 

  • Invest in a nice mix of players to spread your risk.

  • You have to hold onto a player for a minimum of 24 hours before your eligible for any dividends that player has earnt. 

  • Ask yourself three questions when purchasing a player, do you think this player will rise in value? How long do you think you will need to hold onto the player until he rises in value enough for you to take a profit? and what price do you think they will rise to before you should sell?

  • Use the go to market button more when selling a player, it might take a while but chances are you will make more of a profit or less of a loss on the player you were going to just click instant sell on. 

  • Be carful of traders plugging their own players, (like I used to do with Vinicius Junior 🤣🤣🤣) make sure you do all your homework, and research on a player before investing in him! 

  • You have not lost or won until you sell your player! Although you can gain via buzz wins that’s why these are crucial in deciding who to buy, the market seems a little lost at the moment but when people understand dividends are the true positive market mover the index will flourish. 

So there you have it, some of our top tips to help you trade more profitable, further tips will be added so remember to keep checking back regularly. 

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