Football index Record Keeping

Record keeping is a huge aspect of Football Index

Record keeping: I thought I'd start a thread on this because it's quite an important aspect of Football Index. I'm always looking for new ideas so please suggest anything you find useful.

The basics: I keep a record of every single transaction in excel. This means I can extract most of the information I need to see how I'm doing, Also I perform a reconciliation vs my bank statements to ensure that money isn't going missing.

Analysis: after commission and dividends have I actually made a profit on a particular player?

Analysis: For each player that I hold I assign a strategy, I hold most shfutures in players awaiting loan or first team chance, then transfer targets, then it's players I hold for dividends, then players coming back from injury, then in-play. I also tend to buy one share in the odd player to make it easier to see what's happening with their price. I call those indicators..

Analysis: I look at opportunity cost. I'm still refining this but  let's say I believe Neymar will rise by £5 in the next 12 months, for the money I hold in each  other player, do I  think it will return more than simply buying Neymar? This is my gauge for whether or not to sell. It's a work in progress.

Random facts: 

Most dividends received: Mo Salah 

Largest profit made on sale of shares: Jadon Sancho 

Worst loss: Jack Wilshire....sometimes you have to cut your losses and then make some money elsewhere but often if you are patient it will come back around.

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