The Football Index Explained In-depth guide

An In depth guide explaining the Football Index







a) Market Selling

b) Final Sell Price

c) Reserve Price

d) Commission

e) Instant Sell

4. Dividends  

Performance Buzz

a) What are they?

b) Eligible Leagues and Competitions / Cut Off Times

c) Single, Double and Treble Match Day and Payouts 

d) Scoring System

Media Buzz

a) What are they?

b) What is the top 200?

c) Eligible Players / Cut Off Times 

d) Single Media/ Treble Media

e) Common Issues

In-Play Dividends

a) What are they?

b) Eligible Players/Trades 

c) Cut-off times

d) Pay-outs

5. IPO’S

a) What are they?

b) When do they happen?

c) Pros and Cons


Long Term

a) Capital Appreciation

b) Dividend wins

Short Term

a) In-Play Dividends

b) Line-up announcement trading 

c) Single Game Day

Injury Trading

Trading Hype Players

Transfer Speculation 

Pre 2pm Trading 

European Competition

 Football Index: Give it ago with upto £500 risk free trading 


When setting up your account make sure all your details are correct as these are forever your login details, the email address provided is the email address they will communicate with you through. So ensure everything here is accurate to avoid any future complications.

Football Index will have to verify identity and it would maybe be prudent to send through all the verification documents straight away to save your account being suspended at any point, and to make withdrawals simpler. They will require proof of age, being a gambling website, they must adhere to anti money laundering laws and may need to check you are who you say you are, this will involve documents confirming your identity and your address. Larger deposits will more often than not cause these checks to be requested sooner.


You must have a card registered where all deposits and withdrawals will come and go to. Only cash in your available cash balance can be withdrawn at any time, and withdrawals usually land in your account between 3 and 5 working days through experience. Again, it would maybe be more prudent to do all account verifications before any withdrawal request to avoid any delays in the process.



Once you purchase futures they will last 3 years (the length of the bet). Futures can only be bought in batches of 300 (max). Approximately every 900 futures bought in a player lifts their buy price by 1p. Any players purchased with no market listed futures will have futures automatically created by Football Index and the money for these goes to the company. Only money in your available cash balance can be spent on futures, and the value in your available cash balance cannot be below £0.01. This means if you have £10.00 available and want to buy a future worth exactly £10.00, you will not be able to, the maximum you can spend with this available balance is £9.99.


a) Market Selling – When selling you can list your futures by clicking ‘join sell queue’. This will make them available for other traders to purchase directly. All listed futures will be sold

in the order they are listed, so if trader a lists 200 of a player, then trader b lists 200 of the same player and trader a then lists a further 300 futures, then trader c purchases 300 futures of this player, they will purchase trader a’s initial 200 listed and the first 100 of trader b’s futures as this is the order they were listed. For every 900 futures listed in a player, their value (buy price) will decrease by 1p.

b) Final Sell Price – The final sell price of market listed futures will be the current buy price at the time of purchase, so if you list a player at £1.90 and before your player sells, another 8100 futures are listed by other traders, this will bring the buy price down by 9p to £1.81, alternatively if there are 8100 futures already listed and you list your futures at £1.90, and these 8100 are bought with no further listing or are unlisted for some reason then the price will increase back up 9p to £1.99 before your futures are sold.

c) Reserve Price – When market listing futures in a player you can set a reserve price, this is, select a price that you would not accept less than for your futures, this does have it’s flaws, Football Index can only guarantee the first future sold will be privy to this reserve price, the rest of the listed futures sold in this player can be sold at whatever the buy price drifts down to.

d) Commission – All sales will be subject to a commission charge by Football Index, 2% of the overall transaction value on every sale (minimum of 1p if this is lower) will go to the company. It is worth noting that the total amount of commission (in £’s) taken from all listed futures can vary a small amount depending on how they are purchased, for example, If player a has 100 futures listed at £0.63 and they are all bought in one transaction, the commission is 2% of the full transaction value (100x0.63=£63.00) and the commission on this is £1.26, so the total received on this after commission is £61.74. If these 100 futures listed are bought in ten batches of ten, then each ten are valued at (10x0.63=£6.30) and commission is 0.126p, which is rounded to £0.13, this happening ten times means the full commission is £1.30 and the total received on this trade after commission is £61.70. This is only a matter of pennies, but it is worth keeping in mind when deciding how many of a player to list.

e) Instant Sell – When trading out of futures, another alternative to market selling is to instant sell. When selling you just choose the ‘instant sell’ option. Choosing this will automatically sell the futures at the price listed on the right or the ‘sell price’ (usually substantially less) minus the 2% commission once again. The price movement is the same as market listing futures in that every 900 futures instant sold will decrease the price by 1p. Every trader has different styles but choosing to instant sell can be for one of the following factors;

  • The money is required straight away for another perceived ‘better trade’.
  • The player is about to plummet in price for a reason, and instant selling will result in a better financial position than waiting to queue sell. This could be due to an injury, a change of circumstances for the player or some news being released about a player.

Football Index: Give it ago with upto £500 risk free trading


Performance Buzz

a) What are they? – A sum of money paid out to traders who have futures in the performance buzz winners for that day.

b) Eligible Leagues/Competitions and cut off times – Performance Buzz pay-outs are available to players who are on the index and who compete in the following competitions;

  • English Premiership
  • French Ligue1
  • Spanish La Liga
  • German Bundesliga
  • Italian Serie A
  • UEFA Champions League (Group stages onward)
  • UEFA Europa League (Group stages onward)
  • FIFA World Cup
  • UEFA European Championships

In order to receive dividends on futures held in dividend winning players, you must hold these futures by 14:00GMT at the latest on the day of the eligible fixtures. These futures cannot be sold until after the dividend payment has been received to remain eligible, these payments are usually paid between 00:00 and 03:00 the day after the fixtures.

c) Single, Double and Treble matchday fixtures and pay-outs – The scale of the performance buzz pay-outs is based on the number of eligible games in eligible competitions on any given day of fixtures. A single match day is when there are between 1-4 games, a double match day is 5-14 matches and a treble match day is 15+ matches and on one off occasions in the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League latter stages (Quarter finals, Semi Finals and Finals). The pay-outs for a single match day are in the table below and the double and treble match days are double and treble these amounts (Green percentages are comparative rise in pay-outs versus their previous level before the March share split).

d) The Performance Buzz scores are based on an ad hoc scoring system developed by Football Index (see table below). The stats to make up these scores are directly from Opta. As Opta can update stats slightly after a game has finished, this means that scores can also be updated along with these stats slightly after a game has finished, this is something to keep in mind when watching the performance buzz scores come in. In the event of a tied score, the win is given to the younger player.

Media Buzz

a) What are they? - A sum of money paid out to traders who have futures in the media buzz winners for that day. Media Buzz is a system of scoring that day’s media articles on all players in the top 200 in selected tabloids (this will open up to any player in the top 200 or squad list this summer), the highest score at the end of every day is the Media Buzz winner. The tabloids included in the media buzz scoring system are;

  • Talksport
  • UEFA
  • TheFA
  • ESPN
  • FIFA
  • Football League
  • Daily Mail
  • Daily Star
  • The Times
  • Telegraph
  • Independent
  • Express
  • Guardian
  • Metro
  • Daily Mirror
  • BBC
  • Football 365
  • Huffington Post
  • Sky Sports

b) What is the top 200? – This is the 200 most expensive players on the index that day, these are updated daily to reflect the previous days price movement. These top 200 players are the only ones eligible for media buzz dividends.

c) Eligible Players and Cut off times – Eligible players are those in the top 200 (irrespective of club/league) at the beginning of that day, in order to receive media dividends a trader must own futures in the player by 14:00GMT on that day at the latest, and similarly to the Performance Buzz dividends, these futures must be held at the time of payment (usually between 00:00-03:00) the day after they win.

d) Single Media and Treble Media – When there are eligible fixtures for performance buzz that day, single media is paid out, this is where only the top media performer that day wins. On days where there are no eligible games, treble media is paid out where the top three players are rewarded for their scores that day. 

If scores are tied at the end of a day then the winner is the player who has been attributed the latest article that day.

e) Common Issues – Due to the vagueness of the scoring system and the complexity of the data collection there are some flaws which will occasionally pop up. For example, sometimes players can be credited scores for articles which are not related to them which will be subsequently removed manually by the Football Index team, leading to a false score temporarily. Any non-football relating articles, or articles containing illegal matters are also not eligible for Media Buzz and again this can result in scores being falsely calculated. Finally in order for media articles to score the players full name (with correct spelling) has to be used in the article, this gives an advantage to one named players as well as making scoring for players with complicated spelling of their names less frequent.

In-Play Dividends

a) What are they? - A sum of money paid out to traders who have futures in players who score/assist or keep a clean sheet that day based upon the pay-out structure. These are a temporarily available dividend running until the end of the current season.

b) Eligible Players/Trades – All players on the index and playing in all the eligible competitions (see performance buzz – eligible leagues and competitions) plus the nations league are eligible for these dividends for the first 30 days they have been owned by a trader. For example, if you buy 20 of player a on day 1 and 20 more on day 15 then the original futures will receive in-play dividends until the end of day 30 and the second batch will be eligible for these from day 15 until the end of day 44. A goal scored on day 28 will mean a pay-out for all 40 futures, but a goal scored on day 32 will only be paid out on the second batch of 20 futures. Once the 30 days is up these futures are no longer eligible for in- play dividends but can still win Performance Buzz and Media Buzz if eligible.

c) Cut-off times – To receive in-play dividends a future on the player can be bought any time up until midnight that night, and as long as they are still held over midnight, they will be eligible. This means that if a player scores a goal in a game kicking off at 3pm, they can still be bought until midnight that night, knowing you will receive in-play dividends for that future.

d) Pay-outs – The pay-outs for in-play dividends are as follows;

 Dividend Catergory / Position - Payout per Future

Clean Sheet / Goalkeeper 1p (+50%)

Assist / Any Position 1p (+200%)

Goal / Forward or Midfielder 1p (+50%)

Goal / Defender or Goalkeeper 2p (+100%)

Football Index: Give it ago with upto £500 risk free trading

5. IPO’s

a) What are they? – An initial player offering, players have to be added to the index at some point right? This is when they are first introduced and available to trade.

b) When do they happen? – There aren’t regular times for these, they are just announced a couple of days before with a 2 hour time slot and starting price given, so there could be 3 players all due to be IPO’d on a given day between 10am and midday, and traders wanting in on this player will have to keep refreshing or searching in this time slot until the player appears and then it is fastest finger first.

c) Pros and Cons – These IPO’s can be an opportunity for traders to get in on the ground floor of an already established player or a player with huge future potential. If you can get in quick enough you can make a quick profit by market selling on the upward trend. Without knowing what a players Performance Buzz and Media Buzz scores could be you could land a bargain. On the flip side, very often traders get in on IPO’s to make a quick profit so the price is constantly rising and falling as people buy and list their futures, this volatility could result in traders losing value by purchasing futures at peak price before a sharp dip in their buy price. With prices moving so quickly after an IPO, these are notoriously difficult to get any real value out of. Any IPO’s will be advertised on the news section of the website once you log in.


Long Term

a) Capital Appreciation – Trading in futures where the value per future goes up over time, this can be done in several ways;

  • Young Players step up to become an integral part of their respective first team squad, making them more likely to play in important games, play in more games and be more likely to achieve winning PB scores, thus providing more of a demand for them.
  • Transfers to bigger (or more PB friendly) teams. This again increases the probability of winning PB/MB scores, and again increases demand.
  • International Call-ups give a player a higher profile in world football, meaning more clubs are likely to be interested in the player and they are more likely to receive media coverage.
  • Continually Improving Displays will also cause a higher demand for a player which will increase demand for them.

Combining this long term approach to your trades with the in-play dividends can mean an almost discount on the prices you pay for your futures, the ‘discount’ coming through the in-play dividend payouts you receive for the futures. For example, buying player a, who is a striker, for £1.00 could be improved by buying these futures right before a good run of games, player a then scores 4 goals, and gets 2 assists in the next 30 days resulting in a payout of 6p per future (or 6% of the total value spent). This discount could then be used to top up more, or make a trade on a different player.

b) Dividend Wins – Building a portfolio full of players with a high probability of winning dividends is also a good long term technique as all these dividends can be reinvested, and these compounded dividends will grow your portfolio value over time quicker, or alternatively these dividends can be withdrawn to de-risk your overall net deposits over time whilst still maintaining your stake in the futures held.

Short Term

a) In-play dividends – Traders can trade to make regular dividends through the in-play dividend pay-outs. This can be done through one or a mixture of the following ways;

  • Purchasing futures in players who they believe will make more in dividends than the commission necessary to sell these futures at the end of the 30-day eligibility period.
  • Purchasing players who have more than the average amount of fixtures upcoming, or a perceived easy run of fixtures. This increases the likelihood that in-play dividends will be earned.
  • You could equally combine both these approaches and trade at the lower end of the market (say sub £1). Players of this value who are awarded any substantial in-play dividends can often see a price rise also, if this profit is enough, traders can sell before the midnight cut off period to lock in the profit on these trades.

b) Line-up Announcement Trading – Teams will often have their line-up released to public knowledge an hour before kick off, this means any savvy traders can get in before the game starts on a low value player in the hope of landing some in-play or performance buzz dividends. Once again there will often be a price increase in these players so profit can be locked in by selling before the game even starts.

c) Single Game Day trading – Quite often throughout the season there will be single game days for performance buzz (1-4 eligible matches). Due to the low number of games, there are only a limited number of players who can win PB on these days, vastly increasing traders probability of predicting who will win the dividends on this day. Due to this the value of the players involved in these match days can see a temporary rise as people gamble on which players will win. This again can have potential to lock in a short term profit on these players if you get on early enough.

Injury Trading

When a player is injured quite often the natural reaction of traders is to instant sell their futures to limit the loss. Quite often the bigger the injury, the bigger the drop in value. A savvy trader who understands football knows these players will come back and be fit and ready to play again at some point in the future. When they do, traders will remember the player they were before their injury and as such their price will slowly work it’s way back to where it was before the injury. An effective technique is to buy these futures when a player is injured and their price has finished dropping, with no demand it will be the cheapest you can purchase futures in this player, with patience these players can be sold for a profit when the player is back playing and the demand for them increases again.

Hype/Sentiment Players

Sometimes a player will defy all rules of the index, they will not have a track record of scoring well in performance buzz, no history of good media buzz scores, they will have zero (or next to none) dividend returns, and on occasions won’t even have had very many first team appearances in their career. Their prices will far outweigh their returns, and will be based purely on potential or ‘hype’ or ‘sentiment’. A player may have commanded a huge transfer fee at a young age before reaching the first team or even be in the youth squad of a top European team. These types of players can be very lucrative but very high risk as they have no data or solid reasoning to back up their inflated value. Spotting these players can be difficult but common traits are, young players performing exceptionally well in their youth league or players being spoken about by journalists and communities with football knowledge. With these types of trades they can go down as quickly as they have risen so it is important to have a strategy on these and to keep on top of what the market are thinking towards them to keep one step ahead.

Transfer Speculation

When we approach transfer season there will be a lot of players linked to clubs they aren’t currently registered to. This speculation can cause fluctuations in prices which is always an opportunity to a savvy trader. We are looking for rumours/transfers that will cause prices to go up;

  • A move to more PB friendly team
  • A move to a more MB friendly team
  • A move from a non PB league to a PB league.
  • A move to the English Premiership from outside of England due to the English bias on the list of media outlets used in the media buzz scoring system
  • A move to a team playing in European Competition
  • A move to another team for a player who has not been playing
  • A transfer with a very high transfer fee

Getting in on these as early as possible can be very profitable. However a lot of traders will trade on the media coverage of a transfer and as the transfer is nearing its conclusion they will cash in on their profit. The value will then drop down as people sell up and anyone on too late may lose value in the futures they bought.

Pre 2pm Trading

On weekend match days some games will be over before the 14:00 performance buzz cut off time. Any players who post a high performance buzz score (which has the potential for winning PB that day) can still be bought. Very often when this happens the player will see a sharp rise in value followed by a slow decline as people who got on earliest cash in on the profit they have in that trade. There also can be a sharper sell off if a player later in the day beats this score as people will no longer receive a PB dividend. Getting on these trades as early as possible can be very profitable whichever way you decide to go after the purchase.

European Competition

Players who represent a club which participates in the Champions League or Europa League have more PB eligible games in a season than those who do not participate in these. Reaching the group stages of either is an immediate 6 games on top of all the eligible league games that season. Then there is an added bonus of any players who reach the quarter finals and beyond also, as these games are paid out as treble PB regardless of the amount of matches on these days. As an example, a player playing for a team who reaches a final will have the possibility of playing an extra 13 games. This increases their opportunity of achieving PB and their values represent this.

Football Index: Give it ago with upto £500 risk free trading

(Big thankyou to John Renwick for this helpful guide and his approval letting me share with you all)

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